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Life extension Florassist Gi with Phage Technology 30 Liquid Vegetarian Capsules

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FLORASSIST® GI with Phage Technology 30 liquid vegetarian capsules Pack of 1 bottle

Probiotics help balance the ratio of bacteria in your gut from good to bad. But no probiotic supplement has ever been introduced to help tilt these scales into the favor of your body until now. FLORASSIST® GI’s dual-action formulation contains both a proprietary probiotic blend and a TetraPhage blend that only affects unwanted bacteria while leaving’ good’ bacteria in your digestive system. Switch to FLORASSIST ® GI with Phage Technology today!



How to use FLORASSIST® GI vegetarian capsules?

Take 1 capsule per day with or without food or as a medical practitioner would recommend.

Benefits & usage of FLORASSIST® GI

  1. Unique blend of TetraPhage affects unwanted bacteria
  2. 15 billion CFU probiotic mixture (colony forming units)
  3. Supports the development of proven probiotic bacteria
  4. Promotes optimal stomach and digestion

Dual – Action approach to microbiome balancing

Our “microbiome” is all bacteria in our digestive system but the favorable or “good” probiotics are subjected to changes in the diet and environment in the past century and to other factors, thus affecting our microbiomas.
Luckily studies show that shifting our microbiomas to a healthy profile can impact on overall health and well – being. FLORASSIST ® GI does so with two important mixtures: the 4-unique bacteriophage
TetraPhage Blend and a proprietary probiotic mix.

Propietary probiotic blends and TetraPhage

A bacteriophage is a submicroscopic DNA or RNA bundle that is enveloped into a protein envelope, each designed for the application of a single strain of undesirable bacteria in the gut. The FLORASSIST ® GI TetraPhage mixture targets only specific strains that are known to inhibit beneficial bacteria.
Moreover, FLORASSIST ® GI features a unique, double encapsulation system that safely circumvents the harsh surroundings of your stomach to provide 15 billion CFU (colony-forming units). And with the unwanted organisms out of the way, they can thrive and amplify their effect.
This complete formula offers a unique approach for restoring the microbiome to a healthy balanced state5. Choose the Phage Technology FLORASSIST ® GI to promote your gastrointestinal health today.

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