Tryptophan: The Holiday Helper

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Maintaining healthy habits during this time can be both challenging and stressful, impacting not only your sleep but also your mood. So, what can you do to help during this busy and stressful time? The answer: get a little help from L-Tryptophan.

Tryptophan, the essential amino acid known for being present in turkey, has long been a scapegoat for making family members sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal. This is a myth! The drowsiness experienced after a large meal is due to a combination of factors including; insulin release from the carbohydrates and proteins contained in the meal, as well as reduced blood flow and oxygenation of the brain. The presence of tryptophan is not a contributing factor.

It is important to dispel the myth that tryptophan makes you drowsy because it actually has many benefits.

The supplementation of tryptophan, a vital precursor for 5-HTP and serotonin, has been shown to:

● Help improve mood through serotonin-mediated effects;

● Help combat stress related conditions and aids in stress relief;

● Tryptophan’s role in the synthesis of melatonin means that healthy levels of tryptophan result in higher quality of sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, Thanksgiving meals are a very poor method of obtaining tryptophan. The simultaneous ingestion of competing amino acids within turkey meat, as well as a variety of other foods in a Thanksgiving meal, minimizes the bioactivity of the tryptophan, thus nullifying any benefit from ingesting it.

Tryptophan requires supplementation on an empty stomach to maximize it’s effectiveness.

For additional info on the benefits of this most helpful helper, consider visiting Livestrong’s article on the many benefits of this amino acid.

Doctor’s Best L-Tryptophan with Tryptopure® provides 500mg of tryptophan, the amount provided in 7 ounces of turkey but without any of the confounding factors!

Start off the Holiday Season in a Healthy Way!

For myriad reasons—stress, poor diet, antibiotic overuse, immune system issues— more than 60 million Americans report having digestive health concerns, which suggests that each of us needs to pay more attention to our GI tract.

That means supporting the friendly bacteria in our gut with pre- and probiotics so they maintain a healthy balance and ensuring that our digestive enzymes retain their metabolic fire. Both are critical for overall digestive health, nutrient absorption, and a strong immune system.

Balancing healthy habits during the holiday season with the gustative overload of hearty feasts, joyful cocktails and sweet treats can be challenging!

One of the key steps you can take to help supporting your overall health through this coming season is to take Digestive Enzymes to complement and support your body’s own digestive capacities.

Digestive Enzymes help:

● Digest food

● Reduce gas and bloating

● Reduce indigestion

● Support healthy energy levels body weight

When to consider taking digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are beneficial for individuals who are dealing with:

● Age-related enzyme deficiency

● Temporary digestive issues: gas, bloating, malabsorption, diarrhea

● Long term digestive problems

● Sensation that food is sitting in your stomach

Sources of Digestive enzymes:

● Internally produced in various parts of our gut system (production decreases with age)

● Certain food like raw vegetables and fruits (but cooked food destroy enzymes)

Back on Track with Digestive Probiotics

With Fall Season well underway and the Winter Season not too far behind, preparing for the upcoming cold months should be our priority. Hand washing, exercising, and taking extra Vitamin C are the basic steps we can take to support our immune system during the cold season.

For most of us, these steps won’t be enough as our immune system can still start to run down and affect us as we move into the holiday season. However, there is a simple and fast way to boost our immune system and it is by taking probiotics!

Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria that are either the same or like to those found naturally in our gut and may be helpful to our health, supporting various functions including digestion, gut health, and immune system.

Since 70% of our immune cells are in the digestive tract, keeping those cells in a good state is vitally important. Adding a probiotic to your daily supplement routine may be the easiest step for boosting your health this fall and winter season.

When the body lacks the good bacteria needed to digest efficiently and effectively, our immune system is the one to be the most noticeably affected. If you are not getting enough probiotics through your diet, you may want to consider a Digestive Probiotic supplement.

For more information on Probiotics visit


Why Doctor’s Best?

Why Choose Doctor’s Best?

Doctor’s Best is dedicated to improving peoples’ lives through quality, affordable, science-based nutrition. We are educators and innovators committed to working with passion, integrity, and transparency. This is the foundation of who we are and strive to be…the very Best!

Doctor’s Best means science-based nutrition. Everything we do is driven by science. We’re inspired to work with renowned nutritional scientists and create supplement solutions that create highly effective products.

Science and Quality

At Doctor’s Best, we truly embody science. We collaborate with nutritional scientists who are developing new ingredients and innovative ways to help our bodies better absorb those nutrients. We study their clinical findings and strive to understand the right strengths, strains and dosing patterns needed for a nutrient to effectively provide the desired benefits. We use proven ingredients at proven doses, period. Quality is critical to Doctor’s Best. Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and monitored throughout the production cycle to ensure they meet the highest regulatory standards in the world.

Throughout the entire process, our products are tested for quality, efficacy and safety. Our product quality is independently verified by a third party qualified lab – our assurance that the product is safe and that it delivers exactly the dose that is promised on the label. Doctor’s Best delivers the full advantages of proven science and quality standards to you in every bottle.


We bring science to the forefront by comprehensively describing, informing and disclosing. This reflects our commitment to being as transparent as possible in the presentation of our products. Doctor’s Best shares the ingredients in each product and we also provide details regarding how the product works and cite studies that support product claims. Each of our products is accompanied by an annotated “Fact Sheet” with detailed background information, structure-function statements, and scientific references that substantiate these statements. All of this can be found by visiting the Learn section on our site. Doctor’s Best will proudly continue to educate and be crystal clear in what we offer.

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